Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 10.20-10.22

We wait 365 days for this weekend. We count down 365 days for the music. We mark off 365 in the calendar for this ONE beer. DARKNESS. SURLY DARKNESS. 

we stumbled on the Surly Darkness Festival a couple years ago and LOVED every. moment. 

YES we do not fit in. YES we looked like fish out of water but these people. that head banging music. those drinks. It has become a K&A tradition we will never miss. 

ROCK AND ROLL BABY. This aint no country show. No daisy dukes. No cowboy boots. 

Throw on your SLAYER jackets- your BLACK lipstick- your CHAINED earnings + SKULL t-shirts. You'll fit in real nice. 

who doesn't love FOOD TRUCKS. These are some of Minnesota's BEST food truck around. From Hot Dogs---> Tacos---> Perfectly Cooked Pulled Pork ---> Dessert ::SURLY:: got it all babies. 

Heaven Wrapped In a Napkin. 

did I forget to mention we have no couch to sleep on anymore? We are waiting for our NEW SLUMBERLAND couch to come. A Queens Couch I like to call it. Austin simply calls it HIS couch :P

For now it is picnic's in the living room on movie nights. 

Thank God for comfy pillows + old blankets + a man who doesn't care where we snuggle up. 

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