Former Pro Baseball Player, Roy Halladay, Passes Away In Plane Crash

For Halladay, owning a plane was a dream come true, and he wasn’t allowed to get his pilot’s license while playing baseball. He retired from baseball in 2013 and got his pilot's license in 2014. 

According to Yahoo Sports: 

He took ownership of the ICON A5 on Oct. 12, less than four weeks ago, receiving from the company plane number “01 out of 100 Founders Edition.” 

According to ICON Aircraft, there are 23 A5 in production. Three have crashed in 2017. Of those, two have been fatal. On April 1, a pilot and passenger were uninjured after suffering a hard crash on the water near Miami. On May 8, two ICON employees were killed when the pilot veered into a canyon in northern California with a plan to “conduct water maneuvers.” The National Transportation Safety Board determined pilot error – the pilot mistakenly entered the wrong canyon with no exit and was unable to perform a necessary 180-degree turn – as the cause of the accident. The third is Roy Halladay, who was 40.

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