The Numbers Are In: What Thanksgiving Dinner Should Cost This Year

This year, they say a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people should only cost you . . . $49.12.  That's down 2% from last year, and the lowest price in five years when you adjust for inflation.

For that 49 bucks, they say you should be able to get:

*16-pound turkey 


*Sweet potatoes 

*Rolls with butter 



*A veggie tray 

*Pumpkin pie with whipped cream 

*Coffee and milk.

The reason the price went down this year is mainly because the prices of turkey and milk have slightly dropped.

This is the 32nd year in a row that the Farm Bureau has done this study.  When they started back in 1986, the dinner for 10 cost less than $28.74.   

(Farm Bureau)


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