6 Things Millennials Talk About in Therapy


A bunch of therapists put together a list of the most common things millennials talk about in therapy.  Here are the six topics they bring up more than anything else . . .

1.  How they struggle to make decisions, because they're worried they'll make the wrong one.  Especially big decisions that have to do with work and relationships.

2.  How they wish they were better at saying "no" to people, without feeling guilty.  Especially when their parents ask them to do something.

3.  How worried they are about money . . . which also spills over into their love life.  They feel like they're undateable if they're broke, especially if they still live with their parents.

4.  They feel helpless about the current state of the world.  There's a constant stream of negative headlines now.  So a lot of people feel that way, not just millennials.  One thing that helps is to get actively involved with causes you care about.

5.  They feel like a fraud, and it's partly because of social media.  All people do is post positive stuff about their life, none of the bad stuff.  So it's like a competition where everyone's trying to one-up each other.

6.  They talk about their crippling anxiety in general.  A recent study by the American Psychological Association found millennials might be the most-stressed generation EVER.  Partly because they're bombarded with information 24/7. 

(Huffington Post)


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