Holidays: Parents Want to Talk TV

Skip the awkward dinner convos on Thanksgiving because, believe it or not your parents really want to talk to you about the Netflix shows that you've been binging! 

According to a new Netflix study, 44% of millennials (age 22-39) prefer Netflix as a means "to create quality conversation with their parents," as opposed to tweeting, commenting, and liking on any social platform. 

But wait, there's more! 82%, or five in six, believe "talking about TV shows is a fun, tension-free, and meaningful way to bond when home for the holidays." When it comes to show recommendations, 78% of millennials are providing their parents with TV guidance. 

Getting into specifics, 56.6% of millennials wished their parents watched Stranger Things, and 24% wished the same for Narcos and 18.8% for Ozark.

Flipping the switch, 41% of boomer parents (age 55-70) wish their kids watched Chef's Table and 28% said the same for Mindhunter.

Basically, you and your parents will have no shortage of Netflix shows to watch or discuss over the holidays. Happy binging! 

Read the full article, here!

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