What Is The BEST Christmas Song?!

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It's officially Christmas season and we want to share our favorite Christmas songs with you! Here are ours...what's yours?! 


The Little Drummer Boy. My mom and I used to watch that TV Special every year and the song will always remind me of her. Plus, I later grew up to play drums and I was always mom's Little Drummer Boy. I lost her in 2016 and when the song comes on, I either smile or shed a tear...sometimes both.


My favorite Christmas melody is also The Little Drummer Boy.

I come from a loud family who loves to dance. Each time the first beat of this song drops my memories flash to my Father passing us pots, pans and spoons. My Sister and I would form a conga line behind dad's big feet banging on the cookware as loud as we could moving from the living room to the kitchen and back again. Still to this day if I am with my Father when this song comes on we grab whatever we can and start drumming along.

Sometimes our giggles are louder than the music ..... so we turn it up even more...


Josh Groban's Believe. It's from what I consider, the best Christmas song of them all and is the essence of what it means to have a child like love for the whole season as well as the reason to celebrate Christmas. It's all about having faith in what you believe in.


My favorite Christmas song is White Christmas, specifically the Bing Crosby version. Now this isn't one necessarily that I'll jam to (you can see a list of my favorite Christmas jams here.) BUT I have this vivid memory of that song coming on as a kid and my dad singing along. He always loved Bing Crosby, and so it's the first Christmas song I can remember loving and it was because of him. 

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