Fellow Minnesotan Needs Your Help Building A Snowman

Abebe Lemlem is a fellow Minnesotan that needs your help. 

According to City Pages, Lemlem wants to build the biggest snowman of all time and for a very important reason. 

He has posted signs inviting anyone interested to meet him at Palmer's Bar in Cedar-Riverside at 3 p.m. this Friday, for a "brainstorm" session to discuss bringing his big plan to life.

Lemlem wants to erect a 70-foot-tall, 30-feet-around snowman in the park next to the Brian Coyle Center, and says he's already solicited area businesses for financial backing. That much snow would require renting snow-making machines -- unless, "God willing, nature willing," Minneapolis is suddenly hit with an enormous snowfall -- and a snow-person of those dimensions would require a large internal structure to keep it up.

His reason for doing so? He says that although having a giant snowman in town will be fun, it's really about the environment. "The campaign is, let's keep the snowman alive for the next generation. We need to keep planet Earth cooler, so the snowman can exist forever."

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