Skills Grown Women Should Learn/Already Have

Are you a grown woman? Me too. I'm looking at the list below and trying to be honest about how many I could check off my personal list --- I still have some work to do. Where are you at? 

Skills Grown Women Should Have

  • Negotiate pay - When you’re starting a new job or  looking for a raise at your current one, it’s important to know what  you’re worth. You have to believe it if you expect anyone else to.
  • Turn down an invitation - You’ll get stuck doing a  lot of things you don’t want to spend your time on if you don’t learn  the art of saying no. Master this skill so you don’t accept dates you  don’t want to go on or get guilted into going to events you don’t want  to attend.
  • Leave someplace when you’re not having fun - You only have so much time, why waste it on something you don’t want to do?
  • Ask for what you want in bed - Less-than-stellar  sex happens to everyone at some point, but if you get comfortable with  asking for what you want, it’ll be better for you in bed.
  • Respectfully disagree - Learning to listen to other  people’s opinions even when you don’t agree with them is a valuable  life skill that lets you connect with all kinds of people and stay true  to yourself.
  • Talk yourself up - No one wants to be a bragger,  but if you’re not willing to talk yourself up for a job or some other  opportunity, someone else who is willing to will happily take that  opportunity.
  • Take on things you don’t feel ready for - Part of  growing up is encouraging yourself to do things you don’t think you can  and trusting that you’ll figure it out. It can be scary, but so is being  a grown up.

Source: Bustle

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