Why You Should Wear Sunscreen When You Fly.

Other then the need for vitamin D, I try to stay out of the sun at all costs. I occasionally tanned as a kid but will always wish I hadn't AND slathered on copious amounts of sunscreen. It's this lady's opinion that other than providing a temporary tan, when it comes to the look of your skin, exposing it to the sun isn't doing you any favors.

By now we all know how important it is to wear sunscreen anytime  we’re going to be outside, but to really protect our skin, we need to be  wearing it on airplanes too. Dermatologists recommend applying a 30 SPF  sunscreen when flying, just like when we’re out in the sun.

Those windows on an airplane are tiny, but it’s still really bright  when we fly. And we’re closer to the ozone layer up there, so the sun’s rays are much more harmful, British dermatologist Dr. Sweta Rai explains. So to protect against skin cancer and to prevent the signs of again, wearing sunscreen on a flight is essential.

“Pilots are at higher risk of skin cancer and sun-induced damage as  they sit in bright light,” Dr. Rai says. “The windows they sit at when piloting the plane are huge and as a result, they wear sunscreen as  standard. But passengers on flights should take heed and do the same.”

Putting it on once before your flight isn’t enough, reapply every two hours, just like when you’re outside. 

Source: New York Post

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