Super Bowl Prop Bets You Can Make.


Last year, over $4.7 billion was gambled on the Super Bowl, with that number expected to increase this year. Of course, some of that money will be wagered on this year's prop bets, which include:

  •  The color of Bill Belichick’s hoodie        
  •  The company that airs the first commercial    
  •  Total number of Donald Trump tweets during the game -- over/under 2.5    
  •  Total number of times the word "Dilly" will be said during the broadcast -- over/under 12.5    
  •  Total number of commercials Peyton Manning will appear in -- over/under 2.5    
  •  Weather or not a member of NSYNC will make a halftime show appearance 

And then, there's an entire section devoted to the behavior of Eagles fans …

  •  Odds an Eagles fan runs on the field during the Super Bowl -- 50/1        
  •  Odds an Eagles fan throws debris on the field during the Super Bowl-- 33/1       
  •  The total number of Eagles fans arrested before the Super Bowl -- over/under 1.5

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