PHOTOS: Help McKaila Decide Which Dress To Wear

This week I'm attending (what I think is) a pretty fancy charity event. And every time I have a special occasion, I feel like I have to buy a new dress for some reason. 

I don’t know why I do this, but I always struggle to find something that I like, so I end up buying several things with the plan of returning the others. And my biggest struggle is that I bought a jacket that I love so I've been trying to find a dress to pair with that. 

Below are a few dresses that I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on! Let me know what you like best! Let me know on Facebook or tweet me - @k102kaila


Black dress from Francesca's 

(It's hard to tell, but it's got a partially open back that I'm obsessed with)

And of course, here is the jacket that I want to wear with it. 

OPTION 2: Red dress from Lulu's

And here is another open back that I'm obsessed with

And of course, the dress with the jacket

And finally, probably the safest of the three, this long sleeve dress from Maurices!

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