The 10 Healthiest Foods in the World

The BBC just enlisted a group of scientists to rank the 100 healthiest foods in the world, based on all of the nutrients they contain.  And number eight is pork fat.  They say it's a good source of B vitamins and minerals.  Who knew?

Anyway, the top 10 healthiest foods are:  


Cherimoya fruit 

Ocean perch fish 


Chia seeds 

Pumpkin seeds 

Swiss chard 

Pork fat 

Beet greens 


And some of the more popular foods that finished outside the top 10 are:  Tangerines at 14th . . . peas 15th . . . chili powder 25th . . . kale 31st . . . cherries 47th . . . oranges 82nd . . . carrots 88th . . . and sweet potatoes 100th. 


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