TRAVEL: Are Airlines Splitting You + Friends Up to Make More $$??!

Woman Looking Through Window While Traveling In Airplane

Watch out for this new way airlines are trying to make money...

It seems airlines are splitting up seats just so they can charge a fee so you can secure seats together for your party. 

The U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has formally launched an investigation into allocated airline seating policies, as passengers have been shelling out more fees than ever before to sit next to those they're traveling with. 

The CAA found that 30 percent of families are being split up by airline's "random" algorithms that allocate seats, and that people are spending around $542 million in additional fees to sit near loved ones. 

CAA chief executive Andrew Haines said in a statement, "We will be looking into how airlines decide where to seat passengers that have booked as part of a group and whether any airlines are pro-actively splitting up groups of passengers when, in fact, they could be sat together. 

The research shows that it is the uncertainty around whether their group will be split up by the airline that is driving consumers to pay for an allocated seat."


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