LOVE or LUST: MEDICAL test can reveal how TRUE the LOVE really is!

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Is it love or lust?

There could soon be a medical test that reveals how true your intentions really are.

It would work by using an MRI-type scanner to detect the presence of specific chemicals associated with feelings of love. California-based neuroscientist Dr. Fred Nour explains, "If nonpeptides aren't present in high levels in the brain, then it's a tell-tale sign that a person is not truly in love as it's scientifically impossible to be in true love without them. 

For many couples, the test would be just another novelty, but in some cases a pre-marital scan could help people avoid marrying someone with ulterior motives." It's believed that with the right technological advancements, a test like this could be available by 2028.

(Daily Mail

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