SURVEY SAYS: Bad Days And What Can Help Them

According to a survey of 2,000 working Americans by fitness and nutrition app Freeletics, respondents said they had about 60 "bad days" a year. That's two months a year! 

The cause of those bad days? The number one reason was lack of sleep, with 67 percent saying not getting enough sleep made them miserable all day. The other big cause was work stress. 80 percent of respondents said their bad days were made even worse, in part, by work-related stress. 50 percent of respondents said they were more likely to eat unhealthy foods after a bad day, and 34 percent said that they were more likely to drink alcohol.   

What helped those bad days? Exercise. 95 percent of those surveyed said that a bad day could be made better by going to the gym. 50 percent said working out made them more productive at work, and 44 percent said exercise made them feel more motivated overall. But even though going to the gym helps, only 20 percent said they had a gym membership – mainly because of the cost. 

(NY Post)

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