Ways To Annoy A Minnesotan

Photo: Getty Images

As Minnesotans, we are proud folk. Which is why I love this list that Only In Your State put together about sure fire ways to irritate a Minnesotan! Check it out below!

1. Mistake Minneapolis as the state capital.

Because it is the bigger city, Minneapolis is often thought to be the capital by outsiders. But the true hub of Minnesota is on the other side of the Mississippi, in smaller - but still fantastic - St. Paul. It's an easy mistake to make, but it's one that grates on the nerves of many Minnesotans.

2. Mention the Vikings and the Super Bowl in the same sentence.

It will always sting a little knowing the Vikings were so close to playing in Super Bowl LII. What made it even worse was that, even after the Vikes lost to the Eagles, the state still had to host the Super Bowl in the Vikings' own stadium. Talk about the agony of defeat. It will be a while before Minnesotans are over that one.

3. Claim Wisconsin has more lakes.

It doesn't. The Badger State just has a different definition of a lake, one that allows them to count even the tiniest ponds. If Minnesota used the same rules, we'd still have thousands more lakes than Wisconsin.

4. Make fun of our accents.

Not all of us talk like we're straight out of Fargo. And even if we do, it's a little rude to assume we're the ones with accents. If you're visiting the Land of 10,000 Lakes, aren't you the one who's talking funny?

5. Assume Fargo is in Minnesota.

We know the movie Fargo takes place in Minnesota. But that city is actually in North Dakota. If you want to avoid annoying a Minnesotan, make sure you know that key fact before you make any jokes about visiting Fargo.

6. Refuse to try lefse.

We swear, it's good! A lot of people think this Scandinavian treat is something you either love or hate - but we Minnesotans love it. If you give it a go, you may love it too. At the very least, you'll be in the good graces of the person who offered it.

7. Not come prepared.

Living in a state with as many climate extremes as Minnesota, it's good to be prepared. If we find a newcomer who doesn't have their essentials, we may be just a little annoyed. Why? Because we know just how important it is to be safe and have what you need. We don't get annoyed because we're really mad; we do it because we care.

8. Talk smack about hotdish.

Tater tot hot dish is practically our state dish, and we won't let anyone turn their nose up at it. The potatoey, cheesy concoction is the ultimate comfort food for many Minnesotans. If you give it a go, you'll probably see the light. It's just that good.

9. Pronounce our town names incorrectly.

Okay, this one won't annoy us as much as amuse us. But because we're so nice, any Minnesotan will be happy to help you get it right. If you play along, you'll be pronouncing even the most difficult town names - we're looking at you, Mahtomedi - with ease.

10. Complain about winter if you're from a milder state.

Minnesota is home to a town with the nickname "Icebox of the Nation." Needless to say, we know a thing or two about cold and snow. That's why, when we hear southerners complain about an inch or two of snow, we can't help but roll our eyes.

11. Complain it's too hot.

Minnesota does get pretty hot and humid in the summer, but complaining about it is a big no-no. Why? Because Minnesotans know that cold weather is just around the corner. We'd rather soak in the sun - even if it's a little too warm - than be buried in snow.