The Most Ridiculous Things People Believed As Kids

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When I was younger, I believed that any time my parents went to the drug store, they were buying illegal drugs. Now I realized when I got older that was not the case obviously, but it made me have a great appreciation for this list Buzzfeed put together of ridiculous people believed as kids. Check out some of my favorites below! Click here to read more. 

  • "I thought old and young versions of movie characters were played by the same actor, and they just waited until the actor grew up to finish making the movie."

  • "I thought the Gushers commercials where their heads turned into a fruit were real, so I wouldn't eat them until I was in my teens."

  • "I thought clowns were a race of people. I was obviously wrong."

  • "I thought the satellite dish kept the aliens away."

  • "I thought there were little people in the radio who lived there and played the music for me."

  • "My grandpa told me his dentures were donated teeth from people who died."

  • "My dad's birthday is 4th of July so for the longest time I thought our town lit fireworks for him."

  • "My parents told me that the hazards switch in the car was actually an eject button for bad kids."

  • "My sister told me the mannequins in the mall were dead people that no one collected from the morgue."

  • "When I was a little I thought a 'dead end' meant that's where people dumped dead bodies."

  • "My parents made me believe it was illegal to have the interior lights of the car on at night while driving."

  • "I thought that people who died in movies actually died — like part of getting the job meant you had to be willing to get killed, too."

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