What Your Body Language Reveals About Your Relationship.

Body language can show a lot about a couple’s feelings for each other, but it can be tricky to decode. Here's a quick guide to what all those subtle movements, positions, and expressions say about a  relationship, according to professor and couples therapist Terri Orbuch.

  • Holding hands - Touching indicates intimacy and  emotional closeness and the way you hold hands reveals more. Holding  hands fully clasped and walking close enough for your shoulders to touch  shows more happiness and closeness than walking with a big gap between  you or only holding a few fingers.
  • Hand behind the back - Some take this as a power  move, with the person placing their hand showing they have more power in  the relationship. But others say it’s a sign of caring, comfort and  emotional closeness.
  • Arm over the shoulder - When one partner places  their arm over or around the other person’s shoulders, it’s a loving  gesture that shows a desire to be closer.
  • Holding onto the arm - Orbuch says this formal move is less intimate and romantic and doesn’t show closeness.
  • One partner walking in front of the other - This  could indicate that the couple isn’t acting as a team and may not be  very happy. But in certain circumstances, walking single file is  necessary, so if a man lets his lady walk into a room or line first,  it’s a sign of respect and caring.
  • Sitting on lap - Most couples don’t do this unless  they’re really comfortable with each other, so it’s a sign of intimacy  and that they’ve probably been together for a while.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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