Father Banned From Taking His Daughter To Prom (Video)

For many high schoolers, prom is something to look forward to. Some plan to go with their friends, a significant other, or in this girl's case, her dad. 

According to WSBTV:

Ariell Toussaint is a 17-year old senior at Fayette County High. Ronald Toussaint, Ariell's father, says he was very honored when Ariell asked him to be her prom date. 

"She explained it to me. Told me that I'm the best man that she knows," he said.

But when the school’s principal and district superintendent found out, they said no.  A district spokesperson sent the policy to Channel 2. It says prom dates may be no younger than the ninth grade, and no older than 20.

Ronald says his daughter’s request is not unheard of. Channel 2 went online and found numerous stories of fathers taking their daughters to the prom. Some of the nation’s most famous celebrities and athletes -- all over 20 -- have taken teenaged fans to the big dance.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Ariell should be able to take her dad to the prom? 

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