This Disney vs. Pixar Bracket is Causing Serious Issues

March. Good old March was once known for ::coming in like a lion and out like a lamb:: It’s not about the lions and the lamb anymore but more about the Villanova Wildcats and the Kansas Jaywaks. Yes, men, women and children fill out their NCAA college basketball championship brackets like they are writing a wish list to Santa Claus.

However, this year the NCAA March Madness tournament isn’t the most stressful bracket to fill out. The bracket that is causing men to sleep on couches and women to master the stink eye is: 

The Disney vs. Pixar Bracket. With over 100,000 likes on twitter and nearly 50,000 RTd’s it’s taking the Internet by storm.

Disney pitted against Pixar. Childhood memories against Childhood memories. It’s cruel. It’s one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.

There must be one winner. But who?

Here is my man’s bracket: {}

Where he made mistakes:

1. UP...Really, do you like to sit alone in your home and cry endlessly? I'll Pass. 

2. Tarzan. You pick Tarzan over The Lion King. A CLASSIC! A LIFE CHANGING EVENT OF A MOVIE! A man who swings from trees vs. a lion cub who grows up to be KING! What's Wrong With You? 

3. Just because it is called INCREDIBLES doesn't mean it is INCREDIBLE. 

4. Hercules? OKAY?!! Robin Williams doesn't like your face. Look At Your Life Choices. 

5. Mulan. Hands down THE BEST SOUNDTRACK OF ALL TIME. I will argue this until the end of time. 

Here is my bracket: {}


Wanna fill one out? Hoping your relationships are strong enough to make it thru.

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