Kia's Horribly Awesome Pick Up Lines

It’s a tale as old as time.

Guy meets girl. Guy tries to hit on girl. Guy either fails horribly and he goes home alone or his pick up line makes girl giggle and it’s happily ever after.

My name {} is spelled the same way as the {} car so I should have known the guys I would meet in my little lifetime would take complete advantage of coming up with the most horribly awesome pick up lines.


Yes I giggled but no test drives were ever given. Girl has to have some standards.

If you like these or maybe just like the KIA you gotta check out:::::

You won’t need any pick up lines if you got a KIA- cupid will make sure your car does all the talkin’

Test Drive..Keep trying baby... 

ahahahah I have a baby booty but I'm workin' on it #squats 

This will get you the stink eye + a glass of water poured on your new button up shirt

Does anything REALLY come with a money back guarantee?

A real lady never kisses and tells 

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