Airline Pilot Left in Random Parking Lot By Lyft Driver (Video)

Have you ever had a bad experience with a cab company? It might not be as bad as this guy's experience... A pilot named Darryl was left in a random parking lot last week by his Lyft driver when the driver realized he would only make $6 on the ride. 

According to KTLA

Darryl's initial ride was canceled after the first Lyft driver realized he was already 15 minutes away from where he was staying in Hermosa Beach. The second driver who responded happened to be coming from LAX when he went to pick him up.

“He ... picked me up, I loaded the bag and we started to leave, and then I guess he looked at – the destination popped up on his phone at that time, and then he got very frustrated. He did not want to go back to LAX.”

Although the driver still appeared frustrated, he continued on with the ride, "gunning it" on South Bay surface streets and even "running stop signs," according to Darryl.

It wasn't until they got to Sepulveda Boulevard that the driver started talking about how little he was making on that ride, telling Darryl that he wanted to drop him off in the Trader Joe’s parking lot in Hermosa Beach, which is about 7 miles from LAX.

About to be kicked out of the vehicle, Darryl whipped out his cellphone and began filming the incident. He said he did so because things were quickly going downhill.

You can see the exchange in the video below. 

By then, it was 7:18 a.m. and Darryl wasn't going to make it to work on time. He called for another Lyft, which took him the rest of the way. He said he arrived at the airport 15 minutes late, but was grateful to the other driver who got him to his destination.

Afterward, Darryl contacted the company to inform them of what transpired on his original ride.

He hoped for an apology, but instead, Darryl said, he received just a "standard" form letter from Lyft assuring him the matter would be taken very seriously and that he would never be paired up with that driver again.

Darryl added that while he will continue to use ride-hailing services, he's displeased with Lyft's response to his complaint.

He said the company reached out to him again Friday morning, but would not discuss how they would be handling the driver involved.

KTLA has reached out to Lyft for comment but has yet to hear back.

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