Woman's Pet Raccoon Gets Stoned Off "Too Much Weed" (Video)

Photo: Getty Images

A frantic woman, showed up to a fire station in Indianapolis last week asking for help because her pet raccoon was stoned off of too much weed.

According to The Indy Channel

The Wayne Township Fire Dept. PIO Capt. Michael Pruitt said the raccoon had been exposed to "too much" of someone else’s marijuana, and its owners were worried it was overdosing. Not knowing what to do, they brought it to Station 82.

“The raccoon was very lethargic,” Pruitt said. “She started explaining what had happened. There wasn’t really much we could do, it was just the sort of thing that was going to take time.”

Recordings of Southwest District’s radio chatter show the raccoon had IMPD officers baffled as well -- at first, simply over what substance the raccoon was, in fact, high on.

“Apparently they have a pet raccoon that got into their meth,” an unidentified officer is logged saying at 3:57 a.m.

Listen to audio of police trying to decipher the situation below:

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