Things That Are Not Worth The Money

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Ever feel like you're wasting money on things? Turns out that you are. Check out a list of some things that are just not worth the money according to Popsugar

  • Bottled Water
    • You need to drink enough water on a daily basis to keep yourself properly hydrated, but you don't need to drain your wallet to do so. Avoid buying bottles of water that are only good for a few uses; it's better for your wallet and the environment to invest in one that's ready for endless use.
  • Name-brand meds, cleaning supplies, etc.
    • So many of the store-brand options at the supermarket are just as good as the brand-name products. Sure, there might be a certain item or two that you consider to be better quality than the store brand, but in general it's usually a wash — except for the prices. A word of warning: store brands aren't always cheaper, so make a habit of comparing prices.
  • First-Class Tickets on Domestic Flights:
    • Shelling out extra cash for a first-class seat on a flight to a domestic destination isn't worth it in my book. Save your front-of-the-plane experiences for longer, international flights.
  • Regular Lunches
    • Most of the time, the lunches you buy out could have easily been made at home at a fraction of the cost. Unless the 10 minutes it takes to put together a lunch is more valuable than your $8 lunch, brown-bagging it seems to be a smarter move on most days.
  • Magazines Without A Subscription
    • Most annual magazine subscriptions cost less than $20, but a publication purchased from the newsstand can cost $4 or more. The math says it all: buying mags without a subscription is typically not worth the marked-up price.

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