University of Utah Puts "Cry Closet" In Campus Library

Ever wish you could disappear some days to let out a good cry for a few minutes? College students especially sometimes wish they had a place where they could cry away their stress, which is why a student at the University of Utah has created "the cry closet." 

According to Mashable

Visual artist Nemo Miller has installed a "cry closet" in a library at the University of Utah, where she is a student. The piece is designed to allow students 10-minute secluded crying sessions — a must for anyone even remotely close to taking a final.

It's not a cry-for-all, though. The closet comes with rules. You must knock before entering (makes sense). There is only one person allowed in the closet at a time. You can cry for 10 minutes only (well, in the closet, anyway). The lights must be turned off for the next person. And all social media posts about the closet must feature the hashtag #cryclosetuofu.

Most of the students were pretty excited about the idea, but many started suggesting other uses for the closet... What do you think of this?! 

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