Guy Wins Lottery, Buys Helicopter, Eventually Crashes It (Video)

A North Carolina man, Timothy Kneiss, won $100,000 on a scratch off last fall, so he decided to buy a helicopter with it. Well this week he crashed the helicopter and his neighbors weren't surprised. 

According to Fox 46

North Carolina State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies responded to the crash Wednesday morning, finding the helicopter on fire and Kniess watching his helicopter melt away.

"Is today the day? I came home and the neighborhood was blocked off and today was the day, it went down,” said neighbor John Aubery. 

The Federal Aviation Administration says Kniess was attempting to hover when the helicopter's tail rotor got caught on a tree branch and the aircraft flew out of control.

The FAA says investigators will be looking into the pilot's certification. State Highway Patrol tells FOX 46 Kniess wasn't experienced and we couldn't find any certifications under his name.

The National Transportation Safety Board will continue with the investigation and determine if any citations will be issued.

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