Group Of Friends Plan Fake Abduction Outside A Walmart

Four guys "abducted" a woman outside a Walmart in Virginia, but the whole thing was actually a hoax.

According to WTVR

On Monday evening, the female, who was safe and unharmed, came to the department’s Hull Street Station after seeing herself on local media outlets. One of the men involved in the incident was with her, and she came to the station in her vehicle, which was the vehicle used in the apparent abduction.

After eating dinner nearby, the group went to the rear of the Walmart parking lot to plan the incident, according to Chesterfield Police. They planned to film the staged abduction and the reaction of onlookers and post the video online. After they staged the abduction, they left the area together.

Police seem relieved that nobody was actually hurt, but considering there were many hours spent looking for these people, police feel they should be charged with something. Click here to read more. 

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