Jake Owen Thanks A Fan

Jake Owen is thanking a fan after he said that Jake makes everyone's day a little bit better. A fan on Instagram, Todd Wages, posted a comment saying: 

"Thanks for making everyone's day a little bit better. Your songs make even the hard days easier and put smiles on peoples faces across the world. Thanks for never giving up on your dreams and making the beers go down easier and the cook outs more fun as we all get to sing along."

Jake took the comment to heart, perhaps because a lot of people have a lot of negative things to say, and instead it was a genuine and positive comment. Jake took a photo of the comment and shared it saying: 

Hey @todd_wages ... I hope I can express to you how much your comment means to me. One of these days I hope I can drink some of those beers, at one of those cookouts you speak of. All I’ve ever wanted to do is just make people happy. Trust me, I’ve made people unhappy, and to be honest I’ve been unhappy before. I’ve chalked that up to being a human and living life. Learning from life. I’ve never had an absolute understanding as to why I am able to sings songs and travel around this beautiful country. I’ve chalked that up to God’s plan. Even still, It’s never made perfect sense to me. There are days when I wonder to myself if I’m doing enough. Am I working hard enough? Am I good Father? Am I a good friend? I do the self constructive criticism thing I think a lot of us do... then there are moments when someone gives you an incredible compliment.. like you just did Todd. I almost feel like you reached out and hugged me through this Insta message. I needed that! Todd you are always welcome at any show of mine. It’s people like you that make everything I do feel so surreal. So fulfilling. You say that I make your day a little better?!?! Buddy, you and so many others out there are the ones making my day better as well! Thanks for being so kind and taking the time to give me a compliment. I think if everyone gave someone a compliment each day, the world would be a happier place.

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