Eric Church gets Candid in Rolling Stone Interview

In a new interview with "Rolling Stone", Eric Church got candid about almost dying last year, as well as his thoughts on Garth Brooks' lip-syncing, immigration, climate change, and the NFL protests. You can check out the article here.

Some highlights:

On Garth Brooks Lip-Syncing at the CMAs:  "That [ticked] me off.  Lip-syncing is a red line.  It's fabricated.  I don't want young artists thinking it's okay, because it's not.  If I can't sing I won't, or I'll sing badly.  But at least you'll get what you get."

On the Route 91 Tragedy:  "It got dark for me for a while.  I went through a funk for six months.  I had anger.  I've still got anger.  Something broke in me that night, and it still hasn't healed.  There's a part of me that hopes it haunts me forever."

On the 2016 Election:  "Hillary [Clinton] just bored me.  I just didn't see much."  His wife voted for Donald Trump and she tried to get him to do it too.  He told her, quote, "Ain't gonna happen.  I don't want to vote for somebody I'll regret voting for."

On the NFL Protests:  "I was taught by my father to take my hat off [for the anthem], but if somebody wants to do something different, it's not my place to tell them not to.  That's how the Constitution works."

On Immigration:  "I believe there's a better way to handle it, but we're a country of immigrants, and we always should be."


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