Bride Cancels Wedding After Asking Guests For Money To Help Pay For It

Photo: Getty Images

First off, this story is CRAZY, and if you're like me and live for seeing the trainwrecks, you're about to get a real treat. 

A woman in Canada took to social media to announce that she is canceling her wedding 4 days before it was supposed to take place and her reasoning is amazing! Her explanation is a little lengthy, so in a nutshell, she asked all of her guests for $1500 to help fund her wedding and was SHOCKED when nobody wanted to do so. I am doing an injustice to you by just giving you the gist of the story, so follow along with the full story below. 

WARNING: The pictures contains some real NSFW & not safe for kids language... 

If that story doesn't make you feel slightly better about where you're at today, I don't know what will. Click here to read more! 

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