Chocolate Chip Cookies Almost As Addictive As Cocaine

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It's hard not to love chocolate chip cookies, (and if you say you don't like them I honestly don't believe you), but now scientists are trying to explain WHY chocolate chip cookies are so addicting and it's basically because they're like drugs. 

According to Inquisitr: 

According to CNN, the sugar in cookies can cause cravings on-par with addictive substances like cocaine.

Chocolate also contains small amounts of anandamide, a compound that targets receptors in the brain. This chemical, combined with our body’s general enjoyment of sugar, can make us feel pleasure while eating cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies are also popular due to their texture and ingredients. Butter, brown sugar, and chocolate are undeniably good together, and chocolate chip cookies are the amalgamation of these things. While people might have different preferences regarding their crispiness and texture, there’s something undeniably good about how they taste and feel.

The addition of salt and pure vanilla sets a good chocolate chip cookie apart from a flat one, and there’s a reason for that too.

A pinch of salt intensifies the sweetness of the sugar, and the vanilla in the cookie dough contrasts with the chocolate chips. These combinations enhance the flavors of the cookie’s individual parts, creating a more well-rounded and dynamic treat.

So yes, to answer your question, this totally will justify you eating more than one chocolate chip cookie. 

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