It’s Here! Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween Calendar Has Been Released.

I have a MASSIVE obsession with all that is: HALLOWEEN. 

Since I was a little and got my first SNOW WHITE COSTUME I was sold on the whole bit. Candy+Pumpkins+Haunted Trails ::I cannot get enough:: 

Freeform's Halloween Nights have always been a major part of making my Halloween memories the absolute best and with EXTRA days this year, you will find me arm deep in popcorn and candy every.single.night. 


10/1: Hocus Pocus

10/5: The Goonies (Chunk I will forever love you)

10/6: Maleficent 

10/22: The Witches Of Eastwick (okay this one still haunts my dreams. Classic.) 

Call me if you get scared..we can sneak a peek through our fingers together 


twitter: kiak102---- instagram: kiak102 

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