See It: Chris Carr Brought Raw Onions In The Fair Broadcast Booth TWICE

If you missed it, this morning Chris Carr & Company called me so Chris could make a confession...

Along with onion-bombing my studio TWICE during the MN State Fair, he'd hid a relish tray of sorts (a heap of sauerkraut, mustard and ketchup) behind the electric panel hoping to prank me a 3rd time. 

Chris started the call saying he was proud of himself because he decided to remove the food stash before the long weekend. He didn't want it to stay in the studio until next year's fair. Before you start thinking... "Wow, what a noble gesture," he also revealed that he mostly got rid of it because it wasn't as smelly as he hoped!

While I appreciate the confession, revenge planning starts today : ) Any ideas, let me know!

Here's what happened the two times Chris brought raw onions into our fair studio...

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