Guy Turns Jet Ski Into Motorcycle (Video)

A guy in Florida has made either a genius or horrible contraption. 

According to the Miami Herald

Video shared online shows the man, 23-year-old Trey Yarbrough, wearing a black helmet and red backpack while he takes his homemade hybrid — a fuse between a 1988 Sea-Doo and a 1989 Honda Elite motor scooter — on a spin on his way to the gym.

A welder and fabricator by trade, Yarbrough told the Miami Herald that the contraption took him a “few weeks” to build and that it is fitted with a brake light and turn signals that make it “100 percent legal.”

“I built it just for the fun of it just to be different and get smiles,” Yarbrough said via Facebook message. “A lot of people don’t like motorcycle riders so I give them a reason to smile at it.”

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