Kids Buy Back Car For Dad That He Sold 12 Years Ago (Video)

A Texas guy had to sell his dream car, a 1993 Ford Mustang that he named "Christine," 12 years ago to pay for his wife's cancer treatments. 

According to Sunny Skyz

"Medical bills were piling up," Wesley's daughter Jeni told CBS News. "My dad without hesitation posted his car for sale and within two days, someone came and got it and that tore my dad into pieces."

Realizing how much that car meant to him and the sacrifice he made for their mother, Jeni and her brother Jake decided to find the original Christine and buy it back for their father.

"So my brother calls me, tells me, 'Hey, I found Christine online'," Jeni said. "That same day we drove up to Kyle, Texas, to go pick her up."

Jeni, Jake and their mother, who is now 13 years cancer-free, helped coordinate a plan to surprise Wesley with the car that night.

Check out the amazing video below and click here to read more. 

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