Teacher Fired For Giving Students Zeros When They Didn't Hand In Assignment

A teacher in Florida says she was let go after she gave students a zero on assignments that weren't handed in. The school apparently has a "No Zero's" policy and the teacher refused to comply. 

According to WLOS: 

Her Sept. 14 termination letter doesn’t cite a specific reason, only stating she was contracted as a teacher on a probation period, and that she can be dismissed without cause.

Her message on her classroom’s whiteboard has been shared hundreds of times, with messages from other parents and teachers congratulating her on standing her ground.

Tonight, she is calling for change because she believes the grading policy at West Gate K-8 School won’t help students in the long run.

Check it out in the video below. 

Before leaving, Mrs. Tirado left a note for her students on the white board. 

She then posted on Facebook yesterday exactly why she felt it was important to stand up for this. 

Whose side do you come down on on this one? The teacher or the school's? Click here to read more. 

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