Drunk birds in Minnesota?

"They fall out of trees. They fly into windows. They stumble along branches and wobble their small feathered bodies as if they have had one marg too many.

Have the drunk birds come early this year?

In Gilbert, a city of about 1,800 people in northeastern Minnesota, the police chief sent out a lighthearted notice to residents this week informing them that there was no need to call the police on local birds that appeared to be inebriated."

This coming out of yesterday's New York Times article by Julia Jacobs. Check out the article for the full story on the drunk birds invading the small town of Gilbert. My favorite part is Chief Techar being asked if there's proof that the birds are drunk, responding with, “I didn’t have a chance to give them a Breathalyzer test, but you can tell.”

Now just for fun, one of my favorite Pixar shorts, For the Birds, below:

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