Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 10.12 -10.14

Our home is covered with tiny Stuart Little's running around. We have set traps+used mint+patched holes and STILL --> STILL these creatures run around our kitchen and up our stairs, giving Austin a heart attack and me a headache. I know we are supposed to love all of God's creatures but I am really struggling with this one. 

Mice are NOT my friend. 

The weather called for **SNOW** this weekend and in our castle that means Chili is on the menu. Not just any Chili- we made my "Dad's Secret Chili" recipe passed down from generation to generation. 

Pair with a strong whiskey and two grilled cheese sandwiches and you have a five star restaurant right in your own home. 

::Saturday Night:: 

and just like that my Mama who has given me everything in the world let me finally do something for her. She never asked. She never does. All she ever wants is a phone call after the shows so she can hear about my adventures. 

But Saturday Night it was time for her to have her own adventure. She was my plus one for the Keith Urban Show. A show I know she wanted to see even if in the nose bleeds. 

This show was a thank you to her. Front Row seats for being my biggest fan for 30 something years and a hug from Keith Urban for all years that haven't come yet. 

-love you mama- 

Keith. The Guitar King. The Long Haired Stallion. The Sexy Tattooed Aussie. 

Call him whatever you want--by the end of the night you will be calling him: THE BEST THERE EVER WAS. 

Hit after hit. We sang every song at the top of our lungs. Cried during Stupid Boy and laughed during You Look Good In My Shirt. Mr. Urban thank you for a night we both will never forget.  

Sunday was spent with my Gladiator. A delicious breakfast date + football game dressed in purple cheering from the couch + baking some chocolate chip cookies for when the munchies hit hard.

We also carved out a little time to find our Halloween costumes for 2018. This year he picked--You will have to wait and see what he came up with. All I can say is.... haha this year will be HILARIOUS! 

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