Has Anyone Seen One of These Yet?

The Nose Warmer Company is seeking to. Uhhh. I'm not really sure. Sure they want to make your nose warm but what about the rest of your face. There are plenty of masks that do the trick and make you look way more bad ass than this thing. Or how about a scarf? Or going inside? You're going to be outside way longer explaining to people what the hell is on your face. 

Credit to where credit is due this thing is better than the old school ski mask that makes you look like the worst criminal ever and they eye holes were never big enough so your eyelashes hit it every time you blinked which was worse than being cold but what do I know. Sorry Mom for that run on sentence.

Fair warning if you buy one of these I will make fun of you and have a good time doing it. But it this is something you think you need you can get one Here


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