Laughing With a Leaky Gut Intro

Hi! When I (TJ) met Amy (James) I was on a cleanse, we got to talking about it, "I have an auto immune disease blah blah" is usually how that convo goes but because Amy also has one and has been researching it as much as I have the conversation was so...refreshing. FINALLY someone I could talk to about this who gets it and I don't have to explain and rationalize what, why and how I'm eating or why I'm not drinking.  We've decided to do the AIP elimination diet (similar to the whole 30) together for the month of November, eliminate everything that could cause a reaction "leaky gut" for 30 days and reintroduce foods slowly to see which ones we react to. (it's different for everyone)

There are more than 100 confirmed auto immune diseases and the root cause of them is the same, our immune system turns against us and attacks our cells instead of protecting us.  Most of these diseases are chronic, and is still GREATLY under diagnosed.  I can't tell you how many doctors I've been to that I've told I want off my medication and want to heal my gut to control my symptoms who have just rolled their eyes or shook their heads.  What IS proven?  Diet and lifestyle change have beneficial effects on auto immune disease and some can even completely reverse the disease. 

Symptoms can be anything from fatigue, headaches, muscle or joint aches, its hard to diagnose an autoimmune disease.  There is no cure and treatment or management varies with the disease.  Neither Amy or myself are doctors obviously but we have done enough research to at least feel confident we can help guide you and each other through this lifestyle change if you choose to try it with us.  This podcast is a little background about us and our diseases and why we are doing this. Bare with us, the first one is a little rough, I was sick and we were so excited to get the info out it just kinda all came out at once, ha!  

Sound familiar? I bet you would at least feel a TON better after 30 days of AIP lifestyle  :)  I've been getting a lot of my info from "The Paleo Approach" the science behind auto immune disease is intense and a lot to learn but the book dives into it and it's beneficial to know HOW this all begins.  You can follows us on twitter and Instagram too @LeakyGutLaugh!  We may make a facebook group if enough people want to join us! 

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