HI! Bye- Bye Alcohol! Well, until we find an AIP friendly alcohol!  :) We've cooked! Here is the podcast on how we did with the cooking for week one.  We are starting on Thursday (Nov 1) but if you wanna join us you can start anytime! 


- Do this with a friend! It's much easier to batch cook like this when you have support! 

- Plan your meals around the longest cooking parts FIRST!  Bake, boil, crock pot. etc first and while that cooks, chop, set up your ingredients etc

- Buy already chopped vegetables, they have to be organic though, it will save you a ton of time. For this week's recipes we only needed broccoli so we got bags at Whole Foods.

-Imagine is the best brand of Bone broth, it's missing a bunch of chemicals and things you can't have on AIP IF you don't get your broth at a butcher. Or I found broth at Walmart from grass fed meat which I'm anxious to try 

-Here is an example of the template we are using.  I googled "Meal planning templates" and just picked the one I like the best. This one has four tabs "meal plan" "ingredients" "recipes" and "shopping."

We made a batch for each of us. 

The recipes for this week are (linked to site with full instructions)

  1. Egg-Free Breakfast Casserole
  2. Crock Pot Creamy Lemon Chicken Kale Soup
  3. Tarragon Beef Stew
  4. Beef and Broccoli 

If you have go to recipes please share them with us! We would love to try them! 

We also found Lowry Hill Meats in Uptown to make the sausage AIP friendly! So we have breakfast patties and sausage for future recipes too! SO EASY! If you read the instructions on how to make your own sausage...forget. about. it. Try to take as many short cuts as possible!  Because when you are cooking THIS is what your kitchen will look like!  

This is the app in the podcast I was talking about is called "Think Dirty" and it will scan your products at home to tell you if they are "clean" or "dirty" meaning too many chemicals. I use it a lot with the products and food I use for the baby. 

We will update you with more podcasts and we go along and figure out what is working and what isn't, plus we've started working on a list of AIP friendly restaurants that will DEF come in handy, we go out SO much!  Don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram both @leakygutlaugh 

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