Kia's Itty Bitty Halloween Costume Throwback


a little peak into the itty bitty kia's halloween days --> all about the pumpkins. all about the candy. 

a Minnesota trick-or-treater for 30-something years means a costume+a winter coat. still..I think I crushed it since year 1. 

::A Frozen Pumpkin'::  just chillin in Daddy's arm. 

Probably my most genius move-make Pops carry me from house to house. 

I mean COME ON! This deserves a round of applause... 

::Classic Daisy Duck::

::The Bride:: a girls gotta practice right?! 

::Snow Queen:: cuz when you hunt for candy in Minnesota you dress cute for the snow. 

::Deadly Doll:: Makeup Goals---> Hair On Point. 

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