Mom Has Major Scare With Nanny Cam (Video)

Talk about terrifying! A mom in New York installed a Nanny cam for the typical reasons - to watch her son when she wasn't home, see if he was misbehaving, etc. However, the camera turned out to be very frightening. 

According to PIX 11

Nearly every day, after school, this mother said her 5-year-old son chats with her husband through the Nest cam, a home monitoring system users can connect through their cell phones.  This time, however, it was a complete stranger on the other end.

“He asked my son if he took the school bus home and he was asking him about the toys he was playing with and when my son said 'mommy, mommy,' he told him to shut up,” she recalled.

When she walked into her child’s playroom, the ominous voice addressed her directly.

Now she’s frightened and wonders how long a complete stranger was watching her family. Since this frightening violation, this mother called police, who, while sympathetic, said there was little they could do.

As for Nest?  She was simply told to change her password and switch to a two-factor verification when logging on, but for this mom it’s not enough. It's she wants to speak out to warn others about this potential danger lurking in their home.

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