MN Couple Reunited After 64 Years (Video)

If this isn't meant to be that we don't know what is! A Minnesota great-grandmother has recently married the man she broke up with 64 years ago. 

According to KARE 11

The couple married on Oct. 26, 64 years after Janet gave back to Gene her engagement ring so she could concentrate on nursing school.

“I didn't want to tie him down for three years,” Janet said. “I thought I was doing the right thing at the time.”

The engagement broken off, Janet and Gene went their separate ways. Both married other people, raised families and lost spouses – Gene twice.

Then, last December, Gene was diagnosed with prostate cancer – the nudge he needed to stop thinking about Janet and try to find her.

During their 64-year separation, Janet and Gene never lived more than 30 minutes apart. Three of Gene’s children were born at the St. Cloud Hospital - where Janet worked – but somehow Janet and Gene’s paths never crossed.

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