Weird Rumors People Have Heard About Themselves

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Have you ever heard a really weird rumor about yourself?! Chris heard that he sold drugs, McKaila heard that she was hooking up with a co-worker and Kia heard she was a stripper. Other people have shared the weird rumors they've heard about themselves with Buzzfeed. Check out some of our favorite below and click here to read more! 

"I heard I was an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. How this rumor started or who started it, I don't think I'll ever know. Just one day I got a message from a friend saying, 'Hey, is it true you're in a Harry Potter movie?' This rumor started when the movie came out like in 2004, yet I still occasionally have someone ask me."

"I used to feed stray dogs living at an old military base where I worked. A co-worker saw me walk by every day at noon with a big bag of dog chow, so he concluded that I was eating it myself. This rumor spread until it reached me and I was baffled."

"I had missed two days of school because of an ear infection. I was standing, walking, and talking to a person when they asked, 'So, you're paralyzed, huh? What's that like?' Again, I was walking, moving and completely fine.""

"I was in the 4th grade and this girl told all the kids in class that I enjoyed sticking tinfoil up my butt. For two weeks, kids were giving me their tinfoil after lunch. When I asked her why she told that to people, she just shrugged and said, 'I don't know, it seemed like something you would like to do.'"

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