Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 11.16-11.18

Happy 30something Birthday to **ME**

Birthday's have always been a BIG deal in my family. My dad would say,"Baby girl, it is a holiday just for you."

Austin has accepted the Birthday Surprise Challenge and surpassed expectations every year. This year was beyond anything I could have asked for. 

I waited like a five year old on the front steps for Austin to return home, threw my things in the car and just like that the adventure began. We stopped to pick up a few extra passengers- his Parents! You think we like to celebrate--then you haven't met Mr.&Mrs. Austin's Parental Units. They invented it! 

A lot of conversations, a few gas station stops and a little country sing-a-longs later we finally made it:


Our room was so cozy. Two bedrooms fit for kings and queens and of course my favorite - a fire place to warm the toes. Anytime there is a bonfire ::I.Am.There::

Austin's Mom got me this HILARIOUS card! hahaha I still get the giggles reading this one. Side note: the cake went straight to the love handles per usual but worth every bite. 

(A friend of mine makes these cards: be warned they will cause extreme laughter and OMG moments- you got to check them out. 

We did all the things! Bowling :: BINGO :: Casino:: Board Games :: and of course DARTS. Darts is one of our favorite games to play together. The amount of time we have spent playing is embarrassing and I will not ever answer when asked. 

Yes- if you were wondering I believe I won this round :) 

Celebrating Saturday with sips of Margaritas + Whiskey + Fireball. 

CHEERS TO 30something! You could say....we were VERY thirsty. 

This birthday was one of my absolute favorites. Small Town Feels + Too Many Drinks + Unlimited Things To Do + Spent With The People I Love The Most. 

To everyone that wished me a happy birthday- thank you- you made my heart burst with your kind words. 

To Austin's Mom- Thank you for the pink sash and princess cup- made me feel like a queen all night long. 

To Austin's Dad- Thank you for pulling the truck over all the way home :) 

To Austin: You never cease to amaze me. It was you who made this weekend unforgettable. 

To The Karaoke DJ: Sorry I stole your microphone.  

a 20 toe birthday- the best kind. 

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