Kia’s Weekend THANKSGIVING Shenanigans in 5 Photos

Happy THANKSGIVING my loves. 

I am a learner when it comes to cookin'. Beginner level. A 5 year old is better than me. BUT my clutch dish to pass is Taco Dip. It's a classic and about the only thing my family allows me to share. 

One chip is never enough for my dip! **bon appetit**  

Let me introduce you to my family. Made of crazies and the best people I know. 

Jokes are what we are good at. Laughing is what we do. Love is how we are glued together. 

My GRAMS and our families new little. 

She is a great grandma of 3 now. She won't bake you cookies but she will teach you how to short sheet a bed without getting caught. 

She's my Vikings Lovin' + Colorado Broncos Hatin' + Dirty Mouth + Sassy Grandma. 

The new babes took center stage this year. This is his Grams feeding him with the bottle for the first time. My Aunt has the snuggles down to an art. That rocking chair is the same chair my mama used to rock me to sleep when I was an itty bitty. 

My turn! 

This is Calvin. He is the smallest heartthrob I have ever met. I got to hold him until my arm fell asleep and his eyes closed nice and tight. 

Meet the Turkey Man himself. (Even though Mama runs the kitchen) It's Dad that cooks that turkey to perfection. 2 hours after we sit down as a family he gets busy making sandwiches for the road. Everyone leaves doubly full + super happy + and beyond THANKFUL. 

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