DORK! Episode 3 Granger Smith


Everyone is a DORK! No matter what you have accomplished, achieved, the level of celebrity, or the aura that others see you…….you have “dorky” traits. You can be (more-over have been) weird, strange, nerdy or awkward. This is the idea of this podcast! To give people the opportunity to hear that the celebrities, athletes, the people most of us think, "I would love to be that person - have their life - to be like them", that they are really just DORKS like all of us. Embracing and empowering our "Dorkdom", all in a fun-loving/stupid conversation about being a “DORK”!

DORK #3 is a guy that took what normal 14 year olds “Dork Out” about in their bedrooms (clean it up!) and made it a career! Granger Smith grew up in Dallas, and at 14 he taught himself to play guitar. At 19 he moved to Nashville, 21 years later Granger and his wife Amber and 3 kids remain….COUNTRY!

Find out how a massive DORK OUT by Granger lead to Oscar Award Winner (Russell Crowe) refusing to shake his hand, his early days in Nashville with Jason Aldean, his teenage Hip-Hop/Grunge/George Strait phase, why he used to starch and sandpaper his jeans, and how war documentaries and “Drunk History” are his current DORKDOM!

Also find out about his “They Were There” – A Hero’s Documentary! The documentary is a “Heave-Cry” and beautiful!

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