Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 1.4- 1.6

woke up to this MINNEmoment early on Saturday morning right outside the castle doors. 

::Land of the ice and snow baby::

first catch of the weekend was a 19-incher! Caught on a custom pole with a little bait and a whole lotta luck. 

a little leg stretch required a ice highway walk to Hunter's Point for a belly up afternoon. drinks kept us happy while pull tabs made us broke. 

Austin was a big fan of the rattle reels. The kiddo likes the lights and sounds. Two free hands allows for more moonshine and blue moons. genius. 

Austin's brother *Tyler* was king of the nights watch. When those bells rang Tyler went into battle mode. 

human vs. fish 

Tyler won-every time.  


--26 inches-- a real pretty slippery thing. she put up a 2am fight and still lived to see another day #catchandrelease 

puppy shout out to ::Sadie:: who provided cuddles and giggles. her talent of selective hearing is incredible but we love her all the same. 

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