Missing Wisconsin Girl, Jayme Closs, Found Alive

After being missing for 3 months, Jayme Closs from Barron, Wisconsin has been found alive. Jayme was abducted on October 15th from her home in Barron after her parents had both been murdered in the house. There have been very little clues as to Jayme's whereabouts or even if she was alive for the last 3 months. 

The story broke last night that she was located in Douglas County, Wisconsin, which is about an hour and a half from where she was abducted. Police also have a suspect in custody.  

According to CBS News

CBS Minnesota also reached a woman over the phone who confirmed she was the one who first encountered Jayme.

She said she was walking her dog and nearing her cabin when she saw the 13-year-old walking down the road. Closs approached her and told her that she needed help.

"I was at the right place at the right time," she told CBS Minnesota. The woman did not want to be identified by name.

The story came a few hours after rumors of Jayme being located in Walworth County started swirling, which is hundreds of miles from where Jayme was actually located. 

Just a few hours later though, Jayme was located, which was confirmed by the Barron County Sheriff's Department. 

According to CBS News, Jayme is recovering in the hospital and has been seen by family. 

CBS Minnesota spoke to Jayme's aunt Sue Thursday evening. She said her niece was in a hospital.

"There was rumors earlier today, and I prayed and prayed and they come to not be true," Sue said. "And I just shut myself totally down. I thought today was going to be the day, and then I find out two hours later that she's found and I just cannot believe this."

This story is nothing short of a miracle and we couldn't be happier that Jayme is safe after the tragedy she suffered. 

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